Expert graffiti removal, from any surface, anywhere. Our custom manufactured graffiti removal products allow us to remove virtually any mark on any surface. Our extensive hands-on experience allows us to formulate the most comprehensive graffiti removal product line available. These products are used by our Certified Graffiti Removal Specialists who have undergone an extensive certification program.

Our technicians are trained to identify over 75 substrate types and 50 marker types. Using this information, the proper GR Product is chosen and the removal process begins. All of our GR Products are environmentally friendly and used in the most responsible manner.  

We developed, through hands on testing and extensive usage, an award winning water-based coating for all surfaces called GP1000. This coating is applied to the substrate using a rag, brush or roller and is invisible when it dries. The product allows us to remove graffiti without the use of chemicals or abrasives, after which we simply reapply the coating to the affected area. This “zero-impact” process is non-destructive, environmentally friendly and inexpensive.

This gentle non-destructive approach is ideal for heritage buildings, monuments, and high-value surfaces.

GP1000 is fully reversible and can be easily removed using warm water if necessary. It is an inexpensive way of keeping your building exterior protected for 3-5 years.

For murals, a separate coating, GP2000, can be applied to preserve the mural and allow future graffiti removals.

Weekly monitoring and maintenance program gives you peace of mind. Our Ever-Clean program is the most economical way to keep graffiti off your property. With a flat monthly rate you will have no surprises and can easily budget for ongoing service.

Service includes:

  • Weekly patrols
  • Removal of all Graffiti
  • Unlimited on-call service
  • Monthly Service Summary
  • 36 Hour Response time


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